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A BACKGROUND is a visible underlay which is unaffected as you create and edit your screen image. For example a background could display ruled lines, grid dots or grid lines under your screen image.

You can also open any file as a background. You could for example take a photo of a form, open it from the CAMERA ROLL using IMAGES and subsequently use it as a background form to be filled in. Or, you could open a .pdf document and use it as a background to mark up or annotate with your notes.

Or you could quickly send the screen image you are working on to the background and continue drawing and wriing over it.

Finally, when done you must MERGE the background before saving or exporting, for it to become part of your screen image.

Tap the BACKGRD button (1) and a popover (2) appears displaying the background options.

The standard backgrounds included are ruled lines, grid dots and grid lines (3). The line, dot and grid spacings on these standard backgrounds are adjustable in SETTINGS.

You can also specify a custom background (4) in SETTINGS. Use this option if there is a particular file you frequently use as a background.

The MERGE BACKGROUND TO SCREEN (5) option merges or "flattens" the background with the screen image, and it becomes part of the screen image. Otherwise, when you save the screen image the background is not saved with it. The background is cleared after the merge operation.

The SEND SCREEN TO BACKGROUND (6) option sends the existing screen image to the background. This is convenient when you have just pasted a document or image and wish to quickly use it as a background. The screen image is cleared after sending it to the background.

There is also an option to CLEAR (7) the background. You can also clear the background when you tap the NEW button on the MAIN TOOLBAR, but in that case, the screen image is also cleared.



First, you would need a form (1) to fill in and there are a few ways to create or obtain a form. You could, for example

  1. Take a photo with your iPad camera, import from the CAMERA ROLL, crop as necessary.
  2. Create a form from scratch, using the TEXT MODE to create the labels.
  3. Open a form which has been saved as a pdf, doc or xls file. Import the file using DOCS, size and position it, paste and crop as necessary.
  4. Get a form from the internet, using Safari for example. Do a screen capture (press the iPad HOME and STANDBY (ON/OFF) buttons simultaneously) and locate the saved screen image from the CAMERA ROLL.

You could save the form using FILES (for re-use later) and re-open as a background, or you could send the screen image which now contains the form to the background.

You can then fill in the form using finger writing or typing. You can also sign the form.

The image on the left shows the form being filled in using WRITE MODE.

Place the TARGET BOX (2) over the appropriate field, write in the WRITE BOX (3) and PASTE in the TARGET BOX (manually or automatically with the AUTO-ADVANCE feature).

This is a good example of using the WRITE MODE to hand-write (or finger-write) with precision on your iPad.

You can also paste an image or photo (4).

When done, remember to MERGE in the form before sending it off by email.

Marking up a document

You can import a document using DOCS, for example a .pdf file (See the DOCS MODE help screens) that you wish to mark up or annotate.

After you have scrolled and zoomed to the section you require, paste it on to the screen (1). Use the CROP feature in the SELECT MODE to tidy up and position the section as convenient for your work (for example at the side of the screen leaving a space for your notes as shown in the image on the left).

Tap the BACKGRD button and send the screen image to the background.

You can then mark it up (2) with the HIGHLIGHTER in DRAW MODE or annotate and write notes (3) alongside. You can also insert icons as shown in the image on the left to enhance your notes.

Using a background allows you to erase just the annotations which are over the background if needed, leaving the background intact. When done, you can merge in the background.