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  1. Basics
  2. Get picture to fit screen
  3. Get picture as resizable image


The IMAGES feature lets you access the photos in the iPad photo album, including the Camera Roll (where photos taken with the iPad camera are placed) and other albums created and sync'd using iTunes.

You can also save your screen image back to the Photo Album.

Tap the IMAGES button (1) on the MAIN TOOLBAR and a popover appears. You can select "Get from Photo Album" (2) if you wish to import a photo, or "Camera" (3) to use the iPad Camera and capture a new image (not available on all iPads).

If you select "Get from Photo Album", a popover (1) appears and you can select the album from which to choose your photo.

Select a photo. You can then choose to open the photo to "Fit screen" (2) or as a "Resizable image" in the SELECT BOX (3).

If you had selected the CAMERA option to obtain a new image, the iPad Camera preview (1) is launched. Both from and rear cameras (2) are available (except for early iPad models).

Tap the camera button (3) to take a photo and open the captured image in Page Composer.

As with obtaining an image from the Photo Album, you can use the captured image as "full screen" or in a resizable SELECT BOX.

Get picture to fit screen

If you had selected "Fit screen", the photo will be pasted to fit the screen (1), keeping its original proportions. The photo then becomes part of the screen image.

Get picture as resizable image

If you had chosen to open the photo as a "Resizable image" ", the photo will be opened in SELECT MODE and placed in the SELECT BOX which may be re-sized and positioned as necessary.

The SELECT MODE TOOLBAR (1) is displayed.

You can drag the image in the SELECT BOX to re-position it.

Drag one of the ARROWHEAD HANDLES to re-size the image. If you drag one of the corner handles, the image proportions will be kept.

Drag a DOT handle instead of an ARROWHEAD to reposition the image. This is sometimes more convenient and accurate than dragging the box itself. Further, the side and top handles constrain the re-positioning in the horizontal and vertical directions respectively.

You can rotate the image in the SELECT BOX by adjusting one of the rotation controls in (1).

The rotated image is displayed (2).

Finally, remember to tap the PASTE button (3) to paste the image to the screen