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  1. Basics
  2. Editing Text
  3. Re-sizing the TEXT BOX
  4. Changing fonts


The TYPE MODE lets you type a block of text in a TEXT BOX.

You can also paste in text from other apps into the TEXT BOX. For example, text copied from a web page opened in Safari.

Text in the TEXT BOX can be edited using the standard iPad text-editing functions and there are toolbar buttons for you to change fonts, colors and font size.

Adjust the size of the TEXT BOX to fit the text and re-position the TEXT BOX as needed.

Finally, when ready, you must PASTE the text from the TEXT BOX on to the screen, to build up the screen image.

When you tap the TYPE MODE button (1), the TYPE MODE TOOLBAR appears (2), as well as the TEXT BOX (3) and the iPad keyboard.

The TEXT BOX may be re-sized by dragging the ARROWHEAD handles (4) and re-positioned by dragging the DOT handles (5).

The TYPE MODE TOOLBAR has buttons for changing the text colors (6), TEXT BOX preset sizes (7), font sizes and fonts (8).

After typing text in the text box, remember to tap the PASTE button (9) to paste the text on to the screen.

You can tap (once) outside the TEXT BOX to suspend text editing and hide the keyboard. You can also hide the keyboard when you tap the HIDE KEYBOARD BUTTON (10).

When the keyboard is hidden, the TEXT BOX has a red tint, typing is disabled and you can drag TEXT BOX itself (instead of dragging the DOT handles)to move it. To re-enable editing and display the keyboard again, DOUBLE TAP inside the TEXT BOX, or tap the SHOW KEYBOARD BUTTON (10).

Note that after pasting, the TEXT BOX (3) is not automatically cleared, as you may wish to re-use or re-edit the typed text for pasting in another area. Tap the CLEAR button (11) if you wish to clear the TEXT BOX.

To hide the MAIN and TYPE Toolbars, push the TOOLBAR tab (12) to slide the toolbars off and back on to the screen.

You could also touch the tab (12) to cycle the tool bar displays on and off the screen.


Editing Text

When editing text in the TEXT BOX, the standard iPad text editing functions operate. As in other iPad text editing apps, when you press and hold within the text area, a pop-up appears (1) with options to select the highlighted text or select all, the entire text block.

Note that this is only available when text editing is enabled, i.e. when the iPad keyboard is visible.

If you select text, then another pop up appears (1) with options to COPY, CUT, PASTE etc. These again are standard iPad text editing functions for you to select and copy text which may be pasted in other apps.

Likewise, you can select text from other apps (for example Safari or Notes) to paste into the TEXT BOX.

When text editing is disabled (keyboard is hidden), the TEXT BOX has a red tint (1) and you can drag and reposition the TEXT BOX.

Text editing is disabled when you tap outside the TEXT BOX, or if you hide the keyboard (2), or if you touch one of the TEXT BOX handles (the ARROWHEAD or DOT), used to drag or resize the BOX.

If you inadvertedly disable text editing, and need to re-edit the text, double-tap inside the TEXT BOX, or unhide the keyboard by tapping the UNHIDE KEYBOARD button (2).

Re-sizing the TEXT BOX

If your text does not fit the TEXT BOX (for example if you paste in a large amount of text from another app), you can adjust the size of the TEXT BOX.

Drag one of the ARROW HEAD handles to adjust the size of the TEXT BOX. The handles at the side of the box stretches the box horizontally and vertically (width and height).

Drag the ARROWHEAD handles at the corners to adjust the TEXT BOX in any direction.

The text in the text box will adjust itself, word wrap and fit the TEXT BOX accordingly.

You could also change the TEXT BOX size by tapping one of the presets in (1).

Or, you could change the font size. Tap one of the buttons in (2) to adjust the fonts.

Remember to PASTE the text on to the screen image when done.

Changing fonts

You can quickly change the colors and size of the font in the TEXT BOX using the buttons in the TYPE MODE TOOLBAR. However for more choices and to change the font itself, tap the FONTS (1) button in the fonts toolbar. A popover (2) displaying the font settings appears.

A list of available fonts is displayed in a scrollable table (3). Scroll through the list and tap to select a font.

You can change the colors and size of the font to be used in the TEXT BOX by adjusting the sliders (4) and a sample will be displayed (5).

When done, tap the APPLY (6) button and your text in the TEXT BOX (7) will be updated.