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  1. Basics
  2. WRITE BOX toolbar buttons
  3. Moving and re-sizing the WRITE and TARGET BOXES


Although you can write in the DRAW MODE, the WRITE MODE lets you "write small" and make full the use of the screen space for your notes. You write naturally in the WRITE BOX and the writing will be automatically scaled in a TARGET BOX.

The auto-advance feature lets you write continuously, for example when you are taking notes in a lecture.

Tap the WRITE MODE button (1) on the MAIN TOOLBAR.

A larger WRITE BOX (2) and TARGET BOX (3) appears. The WRITE BOX is where you write with your finger or stylus. The writing will be scaled automatically in the smaller TARGET BOX.

The TARGET BOX can be manually placed and its contents pasted on to the screen image, or automatically as described below.

As you write, a green AUTO ADVANCE HOT-ZONE (1) appears in the WRITE BOX. If you continue writing from this zone, the scaled writing in the TARGET BOX (2) is pasted on the screen and the TARGET BOX advances automatically.

Note that for the auto-advance to work correctly, you must touch-down in the green zone and continue to write from that point on.

As long as the green zone is visible you can use the auto-advance feature without having to write to the end of the WRITE BOX.

If the TARGET BOX is partially off the screen, (1), the off-screen area in the WRITE BOX is indicated by the yellow zone (2).

You can write until the edge of yellow zone (3), after which if you touch anywhere in the yellow zone, the contents of the TARGET BOX will be pasted, and the TARGET BOX will be advanced to the start of the next line.

Note that these instructions are reversed for "right to left" writing (see SETTINGS).

WRITE BOX toolbar buttons

The PEN SELECTION (1) buttons are similar to those in the DRAW MODE TOOLBAR but apply to the WRITE BOX. Pen types include pen, highlighter and eraser.

Tap one of the buttons in (2) to select a pen color, and from (3) a pen width.

Tap the PEN SETTINGS button (4) for more choices of pen colors and widths. You can also adjust the eraser offset here (see DRAW MODE).

The PASTE buttons (5) lets you paste the TARGET BOX and advance either forward, down or down and return to left.

The UNDO (6) and REDO (12) buttons affect the WRITE MODE only and are different from the UNDO and REDO buttons at the bottom of the screen which affect the screen image.

Tap one of the PRESET (7) buttons to adjust the TARGET BOX to a preset small or large size. You could also manually adjust the TARGET BOX size by dragging one of the ARROWHEAD handles around the TARGET BOX.

By default, the WRITE BOX has a translucent yellow tint. Tap (8) to switch to an opaque white background if you find the translucent background of the WRITE BOX to be distracting.

Tap the FLIP (9) button to reverse the positions of the WRITE BOX and the TARGET BOX.

The BOX ADVANCE buttons (10) advances the TARGET BOX without first pasting the contents.

The CLEAR (11) button clears the WRITE BOX (and correspondingly, the TARGET BOX)

Moving and re-sizing the WRITE and TARGET BOXES

Drag the DOT handles to move and re-position the TARGET BOX. Or drag the TARGET BOX itself if it is more convenient.

Drag the ARROWHEAD handles to re-size the TARGET BOX.

Drag the side and top handles for horizontal and vertical stretching, or the corner handles to stretch and retain the proportions of the TARGET BOX.

You can also tap the PRESET buttons (1) to quickly adjust the size of the TARGET BOX.

The WRITE BOX can only be dragged and re-positioned in the vertical direction by dragging the DOT handles as shown on the left.

The default sizes of the WRITE and TARGET boxes can be changed in SETTINGS.