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  1. Basics
  2. Exporting a selected area


The EXPORT feature lets you send your entire screen image by email, save it to the Photo Album or upload it directly to Facebook.

Tap the EXPORT button (1) on the MAIN TOOLBAR.

If the screen is blank (ie. there is no image to export), an alert appears.

Otherwise a popover appears showing the options to email (3), save to Photo Album (4) or upload the screen image (2) to Facebook (5).

Note that if you wish to upload to Facebook, you have to connect first by tapping (6).

Images saved to the Photo Album are placed in the Camera Roll.

If you select the EMAIL option (1), you will be prompted whether to send the screen image as a jpg (2) or png (3) file.

Select png if you wish to preserve transparency for use in other graphics packages.

The iPad MAIL app is used to send the image. Make sure that your iPad is set up correctly to send emails.

If you choose to upload to Facebook, you have to connect first with your account (1) and if uploading for the first time, you will be prompted to allow Page Composer to access your Facebook wall (2).

A popover (1) appears where you can verify your image (2) to be uploaded and type in a description (3).

Tap (4) when ready to upload and Facebook will confirm a successful upload.

Check your Facebook account for further confirmation and if you wish to move or share the image elsewhere.

Exporting a selected area

Note that in SELECT MODE (1) you can export the image in the SELECT BOX (2).

There is an EXPORT button (3) on the SELECT MODE TOOLBAR, similar to the EXPORT button (4) on the MAIN TOOLBAR (3).

Use the EXPORT button on the SELECT MODE TOOLBAR (3) to export just the selected area (2) instead of the whole screen. A visual check is available from the thumbnails.

Note also that there is an additional option here to export the SELECT BOX image as an icon (5). See the SELECT MODE help screens for more information.

Use the EXPORT function in SELECT MODE to effectively export a cropped image of your screen.