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  1. Basics
  2. Installing the free icons


The ICONS feature lets you use and maintain a library of icons to use with your screen image.

You can create your own icons from an existing screen image using the EXPORT function in SELECT MODE.

Or, you can also create your own icons using any graphics package and transfer them to your iPad using iTunes (see installation instructions below).

A free set of icons is available from which you can install using iTunes.

Tap the ICONS button (1) to access the ICON library.

If you have icons installed, the ICON CATEGORY popover appears (2). Categories are groups of icons, for example arrows, or speech bubbles. If you create your own icons using the SELECT MODE, your icons will be placed in the "My Icons" (3) category.

The free set of icons have some monochrome icons (4) which you can customize and add color.

A list of icons in the selected category appears (1) from which you can select an icon.

You can delete icons by tapping the CLEANUP (2) button which allows you to select icons for deletion.

The selected icon appears in a SELECT BOX (1) and the SELECT MODE TOOLBAR (2) appears.

You can then resize, rotate and/or re-position the icon as needed.

All the SELECT MODE operations are applicable and there is an additional COLOR button (3) for adjusting the color of the icon.

Don't forget to PASTE your icon to your screen image.

Installing the free icons

First download free icons from and save them on your desktop (PC or Mac). You will need a desktop or laptop computer running iTunes to install icons.

Run iTunes (1) on your PC and make sure your iPad is connected using the USB cable.

Locate your iPad (2) under Devices in iTunes and select it.

Click on Apps (3) and scroll down to the File Sharing section.

Locate the app in the apps list (4) and click to select it. The documents panel (5) appears on the right.

Drag the downloaded icon file from your PC and drop it in the documents panel.

The installed icons should now appear in the drop down list when you tap the ICONS button.